Q. What is the exact title of the workshop?

A. How to ethically, professionally and reliably grow your solo law firm.

Q. Why does this workshop qualify for so many Ethics/Professionalism credits in most States?

A. Because an estimated 54% of bar grievance filed nationally have their root in a problem with the way the lawyer’s firm is managed. Poorly-conceived marketing and sales leads to a poor match between firm and clients. Poorly developed business processes and procedures, leads to unpredictable and inefficient work product. Poorly managed financial controls put undue pressure on lawyers to prioritize short-term financial needs, instead of being able to stand-strong for their clients.

Q. How was this topic chosen?

A. Through a combination of surveys, market research and anecdotal evidence gathered by having conducted CLE and other workshops that didn’t include CLE for thousands of lawyers over the past several years. How To MANAGE a Small Law Firm and other sponsors determined there is growing demand in the marketplace for high quality “immersive” programming to address the practical realities of growing a law firm from $0 (start-up) to one million dollars in revenues. And the topics which must be addressed as part of this discussion also happen to lend themselves quite-nicely to approval for CLE credit.

Q. Who are the sponsors and why are they offering this to local bar associations across the Country?

A. Our Platinum Level National Sponsors include Microsoft Office 365; Gold Level National Sponsors are Law Pay and Ruby Receptionists; The Rainmaker Institute and How To Manage a Small Law Firm.com are each Silver Level National Sponsors. We are in discussions with a number of regional and local sponsors to help bring additional positive attention to Tour Stops in each city we visit. The sponsors are as committed to the success of the solo lawyer as you are.

Q. What is expected from our local bar association?

A. Provide a space with basic a/v facilities (projector, screen, extension cords and appropriate audio amplification depending on the acoustics of your space)

Q. Who will be responsible for preparing hand-out materials?

A. All hand-out materials will arrive ahead of time.

Q. How many CLE credits will attendees earn for this workshop?

A. At least 6 hours in most States. Including at least 1 hour Ethics/Professionalism

Q. Who will apply for CLE credit in my State?

A. During the phone call referenced in Step 3 above we’ll let you know if the program has already been approved in your State.

Q. What if some of your Members cannot attend?

A. Of course there’s no substitute for the real thing however we will provide you with recorded materials you can share or sell to your Members if your State allows self-study CLE courses. Plus we offer a variety of additional free resources that can help your Members start, market and manage the growth of a new or already-successful solo or small law firm.

Q. What kind of free prizes will be offered?

A. Examples include free self-study courses on how to set-up, manage & reconcile an IOLTA Client Property Trust Account; How to control the finances of a small law firm to avoid client complaints; Best practices for giving clients the option to pay by credit card; Sample policies and procedures for improving telephone etiquette and a variety of sponsor-provided free trials, samples, etc.