Exciting new Opportunity for a select group of Local Bar Associations to “host” a date on fully-sponsored
“50 city National CLE Workshop Tour”

As CLE Director,We Know What You Want!

And this program delivers:

A very special
for solo and small law firms

How to Ethically, Professionally & Reliably

To $250,000, $500,000 and even past 7 figures
without killing yourself in the process!


Back in 2010 LexisNexis and Microsoft teamed-up to sponsor a 4 city “pilot program”. The idea was to bring high-quality CLE programming to local bar associations with an emphasis on small law office management. Because every law firm management expert knows, the cause of more than half the bar grievances filed nationally, originates with problems in the management of a law firm.


That 4 city pilot program was so well received by CLE Directors and attendees, the decision was made to expand it into a “Tour” and take it to 17 more cities in 2011.

Your Members Will Thank You

That’s because nearly EVERYONE who runs their own law firm want to learn more about how to ethically, professionally, and reliably grow your solo law firm to $250,000; $500,000 and even past 7 figures without killing yourself in the process, especially when they can earn up to 6 CLE credits for making this investment in their own future.


Most States are prepared to award 6 CLE Credits including up to two full credit hours for ethics and/or professionalism, because of the way this program is structured. This is part of what makes this workshop unique. It connects each of the 7 areas of law firm management with the most commonly violated bar rules.


Your Board Will Thank You

That’s because this may be one of the most profitable programs you will offer all year. There’s ample proof lawyers are willing to pay a premium for these topics. Plus all the costs including speaker-honorarium, travel, printing, even lunch will be covered by the Sponsors.


So 100% of the revenues your organization collects from ticket sales are entirely yours to keep.

Based on Great Feedback

From dozens of CLE Directors; Nearly one thousand attendees; and Authorities in the fields of law firm ethics, attorney-professionalism and small law firm management…LexisNexis Firm Manager and Microsoft Office 365, together with other companies are proud to sponsor the first of its kind “50 City Small Law Firm Ethics, Professionalism and Business Plan Building CLE Workshop”.


If you take action soon, your bar association may become one of the lucky ones. That’s because if you take action FAST your bar association may qualify for “The Tour” to make a stop in your city.


“ How to Manage a Small Law Firm made the typically hefty responsibility of coordinating a full-day CLE seminar into a painless process. The best part about the partnership is that the content their speakers provide are exactly the details your attorney members want to know to grow a successful practice. Their staff also assist with marketing to help promote your event to new prospective members. The Austin Bar’s Solo/Small Firm Section had record breaking registrations for their annual CLE event. If your solo/small firm members aren’t already talking about How to Manage a Small Law Firm, they should be! Their programs are engaging and make a great member benefit.”

Julie Wheeler
Austin Bar Association
CLE & Marketing Coordinator

10 Things Every CLE Director Wants To Know About “THE TOUR”

  1. Six hours of superior quality CLE programming your Members will rave about.
  2. Sponsorship by respected national brands ensures professionalism at every stage. All costs for the speaker’s time and travel are being covered by our sponsors. All you have to pay for is the room and AV equipment. Just decide how much you want to charge Members, Non-Members and law students. Your organization gets to keep 100% of the revenues from ticket sales.
  3. Heavy emphasis on practical application of Bar Rules and standards of professionalism earns 2 Ethics/Professionalism credits in most States
  4. A fully-accredited dynamic speaker who arrives with all workbook/hand-out materials already prepared for you and PowerPoint slides done ahead-of-time.
  1. This is likely to be the easiest CLE program you’ll ORGANIZE. That’s because we are a self-contained Tour. Just provide the space, answer some simple logistical questions. We’ll take care of the rest.
  2. This may just be the easiest CLE program for you to PROMOTE. That’s because the topic is in high-demand. Plus, you have the option to download professionally-designed collateral materials to use as a starting point. And our sponsors have even arranged for additional marketing and promotion in qualifying markets. So there’s bound to be a “halo effect” that helps your bar association Sell More Tickets!
  3. Even the lunch is sponsored and paid for by LexisNexis Firm Manager. You simply choose the caterer and we’ll make all the arrangements.
  1. Your organization is even encouraged to record the whole program too – or we’ll record it for you – and if you select this option, our editing staff can offer special non-profit wholesale rates to turn the recordings into a set of high-quality CLE materials that your organization can make use of, for years to come. Or we’ll just give you the raw files to do with what you please.
  2. Plus, you can be sure all attendees (members and non-member alike) will hear a clear message from the stage about the Benefits of Being a Member of One’s Local Bar Association.
  3. Our most popular CLE by far, is a full day workshop where we go through the 7 Main Parts of a Law Firm to build the foundation of a Business Plan designed for Rapid, Reliable, and Ethical growth. Other popular Topics include: “How to Sell Like A Rock Star!” and “Hiring and Managing Your A-Team”. Schedule an appointment to discuss our wide variety of CLE topics to find the right fit for your Bar Association.

How to Apply for a Chance to Host the Tour in YOUR City

Step 1 – Find Open Date

Look at the Tour Schedule to find an open date that tentatively works for you.

Step 2 - Coordinate

Step 2 – Coordinate

Ideally, if you can it helps your chances if you can coordinate with one or more other local bar associations within a few hours drive to host The Tour a day or two before or after yours.

Step 3 - Contact

Step 3 – Contact

Schedule a telephone appointment with our national CLE tour manager.

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