How to Ethically, Professionally & Reliably

Grow Your Solo Law Firm

Without Killing Yourself in the Process

A Unique One Day Business Plan Building CLE Workshop

If you run your own law firm and you answered “NO” to any of these questions

Then you owe it to yourself, your family and your clients too…

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This unique and practical CLE Workshop

  • Aims to help the lawyer who is already running a successful solo or a small law firm to spot opportunities to run your firm even better.
  • Gives a boost to the lawyer whose solo or small law firm may be currently underperforming and/or slowly burning you out.
  • Is the perfect program to attend if you are serious about starting a successful law firm and you want to learn how to do things the right way, the first time!

This unique and practical CLE Workshop

  • Aims to help the lawyer who is already running a successful solo or a small law firm to spot opportunities to run your firm even better.
  • Gives a boost to the lawyer whose solo or small law firm may be currently underperforming and/or slowly burning you out.
  • Is the perfect program to attend if you are serious about starting a successful law firm and you want to learn how to do things the right way, the first time!

What this Workshop is NOT

  • This workshop is NOT just a bunch of “feel good” theories – Instead it’s packed-full of practical, proven and time-tested steps thousands of owners of solo & small law firms have taken, to build a better business for themselves, for their families and for their clients too.
  • This very practical workshop is NOT about buying any kind of expensive or newfangled technology… like so many “magic beans” – Instead it’s about taking simple tools and using them to build a real business that continues to operate and to grow, even if you want to (or have to) step-back for a little or a long-time.
  • This unique CLE workshop is NOT about telling you that you have to work harder – We know it’s a cliché but it’s still true that if you learn how to manage a small law firm you can begin to work smarter and produce better results for your clients and for yourself.
  • This program is NOT about you being judged – We already know that hardly any lawyers learned about the BUSINESS of how to manage a small law firm in law school. So it wasn’t your fault that you had to struggle until now. Experts estimate 54% of bar grievances filed nationally are rooted in poor law firm management. You’ll learn why it is our ethical and our professional responsibility as owners of a law firm to ensure our business runs profitably. Best of all, you’ll learn HOW to do this for yourself!
  • This workshop is NOT a place for whiners, complainers or excuse-makers – None of us learned about how to manage a small law firm back in law school. The magic law firm management elves didn’t just skip over YOUR law firm. They skipped over everyone’s firm. Now let’s get busy doing something about it!
  • And last but not least, this one of a kind CLE Workshop is NOT about finding excuses for the performance of your business. It’s NOT about making apologies to your family for the toll your firm’s performance takes on you. And it’s NOT about living your life full of regrets.

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…and learn why we say “Happy Lawyers Make More Money!

No Apologies – No Excuses – No Regrets

What You Will Learn

There Are Only “7 Main Parts” Of A Law Firm.

During this highly-interactive CLE workshop you will learn by actually creating a workable business plan for YOUR law firm.

By the end of the day your Plan will explain how each of the 7 Main Parts of your law firm will work together
to produce the results you’re after; the results your stakeholders (your family) and clients deserve.


Your firm’s business plan will explain how your law firm’s marketing processes, procedures and systems will predictably attract the appropriate quality and quantity of prospective new clients.

Please Note: this will NOT be an “SEO” talk. And you won’t be told you need to go out and buy expensive advertising.

By the end of the day you will learn about some of the many options available to you which successful solo lawyers all around the Country are using every day to reliably and professionally cause the right kinds of prospective clients to contact their law firm.


Sales is not a 4 letter word. So we’ll cover how the firm’s sales strategies will comfortably convert prospective clients who contact your firm (due to effective marketing) into paying clients who engage your firm. And don’t worry because what you’ll learn in this section will far-exceed all of the bar rules of ethics and professionalism you know.

You’ll learn about the importance of ensuring this critical part of your firm operates without being overly-dependent on your unique personality.

Because as great as you are, you can’t be there…you don’t WANT to have to always be there every-single-day, to keep your law firm from stalling-out…do you? (Rhetorical question).

Before lunch you’ll know the only real “secret” there is to profitably converting prospective clients into paying clients.

Spoiler Alert: When you see it all-laid-out for you, you’ll realize it’s really just common-sense. But it’s common-sense applied in a way that very few lawyers have apparently ever considered before. Because you’ll be able to spot the ones who have, a mile-away!

The Factory

Your business plan will address how your firm’s “factory” produces work-product, efficiently, professionally and reliably.

This way you don’t become a slave to your success. Because more work for the firm shouldn’t just mean more work for you, personally.

Too many lawyers who get bogged-down have this problem though. The cause is usually that they have never addressed how their “factory” is supposed to run.

And so every day is a new adventure.

But not in a good way.


As lawyers we should all know better! We must, must, must reduce to writing how each of the different “jobs” in our firms, are supposed to get done.

You would NEVER let a client sign a contract lacking adequate specificity about key details. WOULD YOU?!?!

So then why do so many of us tolerate the predictably-poor-performance that flows from having un-clear, un-tested, un-documented and therefore ultimately un-enforceable policies & procedures for how our staff is suppose to get the job done for us, for the firm and ultimately, for our clients.


Even if you are currently wearing all the hats. Especially if you are currently wearing all the hats this part of how to manage a small law firm is absolutely critical if you ever want to get-ahead. Because delegation without documentation is abdication.

No ethical lawyer would ever knowingly abdicate his or her responsibilities. But most ethical lawyers have never taken even a single course on how to manage a small law firm.

And so, too-many otherwise ethical and professional lawyers burn themselves-out majoring in minor issues.


By the end of the day you will understand HOW to hire, train, manage and make a profit with your legal staff. You will understand HOW to accomplish this in a way that your staff actually supports. And you will understand why running your law firm like this is A VERY GOOD THING for clients of the firm.

Physical Plant

Imagine a ramshackle shack where each room is added without any sort of plan and with no blueprints or forethought.

Now imagine a beautiful and structurally-sound building with all the modern conveniences.

If your People are ever going to operate at peak efficiency then your business plan must address how your firm’s physical plant will grow too. Don’t throttle your firm’s ability to grow and serve more clients by taking a reactive approach to issues of physical plant.

Throttling your firm is both a very unsophisticated and an unnecessarily-expensive and time-wasting approach which holds-back so many otherwise capable lawyers from ever reaching their fullest potential.

By the end of this CLE Workshop you’ll have a blueprint to work from, with confidence!

Metrics and Money

Trying to run a law firm without reliable metrics and financials makes about as much sense as trying to run any other sort of business that way.

In other words, it makes no sense at all!

…and you’d certainly never advise one of YOUR OWN clients to invest in a business being run by someone without the benefit of being able to make important decisions based on what the financials show vs. just the “gut”, “fear” or mere “instincts” of the owner…would you?

In fact lawyers file lawsuits against business owners who mismanage their investors working capital like that sort of thing every day!

So then, why do so many lawyers tolerate their own business being run this way? The answer is because no-one ever taught any of us about “The Six Key Numbers” every equity owner of a law firm should be aware-of each month.

And chances are no-one ever sat you down and taught you In Plain English how to make sense of what these numbers are meaning to tell you about what’s REALLY happening inside of your business.

By the end of this one-of-a-kind, CLE Workshop you will know what the key numbers are. You’ll have the skills to ask your book keeper for the reports you need. And you’ll understand how to analyze, interpret, make sense of and MAKE MORE CONFIDENT DECISIONS about YOUR business.


You are the “wild card” in your business. The rest of the Main Parts of how to manage a small law firm are quite simple. The other Parts respond very reliably to predictable and well-known inputs and adjustments.

Just like a high-performance automobile in good mechanical condition works the way it is supposed to work. But to perform well the machine requires an experienced and confident operator. Likewise a solo or small law firm with all the rest of it’s “parts” in proper working order, still requires an owner at the helm who has the courage to learn how to manage a small law firm and take responsibility for their own business.

That’s why this one of a kind CLE workshop is designed to be “A Total No Judgment Zone”.

And a very empowering experience for all concerned.

We hope you will join us.

Who Should Participate

  • Owners of solo and small law firms that are already pretty successful. Because you’re smart-enough to know that no matter how well your law firm runs, it can always get better!
  • Great lawyers whose solo law firm is already performing well. Because you are experienced-enough to know what it means when the owner of a successful businesses says “Small Hinges Can Swing Big Doors”.
  • Ambitious lawyers who are serious about starting a successful law firm and you want to learn how to do it the right way, the first time.
  • You should absolutely do whatever you have to do to get a ticket and participate in this CLE Workshop if your law firm is struggling either to produce enough profits for you to live the way you want to live; to afford you enough control over your time and/or enough confidence over the way your business runs to enjoy the fruits of your labors.


It is the legal, ethical and the professional responsibility of every lawyer who has an-equity interest in a law firm, to ensure that your law firm operates reliably and at a profit.

That’s because it’s always the clients who eventually get short-changed when their lawyer is distracted by financial pressures. How would you like to be represented in a deposition by a lawyer today who doesn’t know how he’s going to make payroll next week?

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It’s always the clients who pay for it when their lawyer operates his or her firm so inefficiently as to be called upon to work-late on too many nights and weekends thereby missing important family activities. Would it give you comfort or discomfort to learn your important matter was attended to late at night after your lawyer just made another round of excuses and apologies to the family waiting at home for them?

Get a Ticket Now!

It is always the clients who wind-up with the short end of the stick when a lawyer lacks confidence-enough in his or her business plans (or doesn’t have a business plan at all) and therefore hesitates to invest in hiring and training staff; Or when that lawyer lacks a marketing plan and feels pressure to accept too many or the wrong types of cases because they never know when the phone will ring again!

These are the practical realities of running the modern law firm.

It takes working capital to be organized intelligently, and put to diligent use for the benefit of clients and lawyers alike.

If you haven’t ever created a written business plan for your law firm you quite frankly have no idea what you’re missing out on in terms of:

  • Peace of mind
  • More control
  • Added predictability
  • Improved cash flow
  • Happier clients who really could be getting better results because they’d have a better YOU.

Don’t worry. You really CAN learn how to create a written business plan that explains how your law firm is going to operate…in just one day!

You can give your family more peace of mind. You can give yourself more control and added predictability. You can enjoy improved cash flow and your clients will be happier too because you’ll be a happier lawyer better able to focus on their needs instead of being driven to distraction by your own.

Unfortunately hardly any of us had the opportunity to take even a single course in law school about how to manage a small law firm. And so despite being brilliant lawyers, we’re flying blind when it comes to the business of running the firm.

Writing a business plan doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t have to take long. It just has to answer one simple question: How is this law firm supposed to make a profit for its clients, investors and owners alike?


If you cannot explain the answer to this question in plain English you are short-changing yourself

Your investors are at risk and your clients are not getting the full benefit of you at your best.

Sorry if this “stings”. But you know it’s true.

Now what are you going to do about it to make things better?

Get a Ticket Now!

But What About the Clients?!?!?!

Every educated consumer of legal services if given all the facts would prefer to be represented by a lawyer who enjoys the sort of peace of mind, predictability and confidence that flows naturally from owning a well-managed and profitable law firm.

Profitable firm

A PROFITABLE law firm is better for clients

That’s because a profitable law firm empowers a lawyer to make better long-term decisions with regard to a whole host of issues concerning their clients.

Suddenly it becomes possible to:

  • Invest in the latest technology;
  • Hire and invest in the ongoing training of staff;
  • Have enough confidence about cash flow to be more selective when accepting engagements;
  • And of course you’ll be more fully “present” while doing client work instead of distracted by external financial pressures.

All of this benefits clients.

Efficient law firm

An EFFICIENT law firm is better for clients

That’s because documented policies, systems and procedures empower a lawyer to delegate more work to staff thereby freeing the lawyer to conserve his or her energy for things that only a lawyer can do.

Plus, in many instances clients are better-served by having certain routine parts of the work done by less-expensive staff and paraprofessionals.

But it can be scary at best, and unethical at worst for a lawyer to delegate anything to anyone absent appropriate policies, procedures and other administrative safeguards.

Predictable law firm

A PREDICTABLE law firm is better for clients

That’s because there’s already enough drama involved in many cases and matters.

Bringing more predictability to that which can be reasonably predicted and controlled with checklists and systems enables the lawyers and the staff of a law firm to be at the ready when the alarm bell rings instead of burned-out from reinventing the wheel again & again.

No educated client wants their lawyer’s attention or energy spread-thin by minor issues or routine matters that could be improved with a proper business plan.

Financially viable firm

A FINANCIALLY VIABLE law firm is better for clients

Lawyers who are distracted by financial pressures cannot be their best. This is not an indictment against anyone. It’s simply an honest statement about the human condition.

Lawyers with unprofitable law firms leave a trail of broken promises to friends and family owing to too many late nights in the office.

You see, you’re not just a lawyer you’re also a human being. That means you’re inevitably going to have a harder time showing-up and being your best in every situation if your business causes you unnecessary stress and anxiety back at home.

Don’t you think now is the time to step-up and do something about it?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can I buy my ticket directly from one of the sponsors?

Please secure your ticket directly from one of the participating bar associations or law schools which are hosting the Tour. Keep in mind, lawyers regularly travel to attend workshops like this. So don’t let something so trivial as a ticket on an airplane stand in the way of getting started making your law firm better today. Click HERE to find either the next closest location or the next closest date.

Q. Do I have to be a member of the host bar association or alumni of the host law school in order to participate?

You do not have to be a member of the host or alumni of the law school hosting a Tour Date in order to buy a ticket. Click HERE to find either the next closest location or the next closest date.

Q. Should I bring a member of my team?

It would be a very good idea to bring a member of your team to this workshop. Especially if that person has a vested-interest in how your law firm operates, for example a spouse or significant-other whose lifestyle depends in part or entirely on the performance of your law firm. Yes, bring that person. Beg them to attend if you have to. Click HERE to find either the next closest location or the next closest date.

Q. Why does this workshop qualify for so many Ethics/Professionalism credits in most States?

Because an estimated 54% of bar grievance filed nationally have their root in a problem with the way the lawyer’s firm is managed. Poorly-conceived marketing and sales leads to a poor match between firm and clients. Poorly developed business processes and procedures, leads to unpredictable and inefficient work product. Poorly managed financial controls put undue pressure on lawyers to prioritize short-term financial needs, instead of being able to stand-strong for their clients. Click HERE to find either the next closest location or the next closest date.

Q. How was this topic chosen?

Through a combination of surveys, market research and anecdotal evidence gathered by having conducted CLE and other workshops that didn’t include CLE for thousands of lawyers over the past several years. How To MANAGE a Small Law Firm and other sponsors determined there is growing demand in the marketplace for high quality “immersive” programming to address the practical realities of growing a law firm from $0 (start-up) to one million dollars in revenues. And the topics which must be addressed as part of this discussion also happen to lend themselves quite-nicely to approval for CLE credit. Click HERE to find either the next closest location or the next closest date.